Farm Save

Farmsave is an Agri type business targeting the Agricultural Market.

Farmsave services from the smallest emerging farmer to the largest of commercial farmers.

Established in 1999 by Dr Hylton Lee, it has grown from small humble beginnings into a large scale significant business contributing to the needs of the local Agricultural market.

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Head office is based in Bergville, and Farmsave has six branches spread through Bergville, Ladysmith and Estcourt.

Farmsave services a large area, extending from The Kamberg, through the Midland up to Bergville, and then on up through Ladysmith into Northern Natal.


Farmsave deals in all types of farming requisites. Stock is sourced from a wide range of suppliers, situated through-out South Africa. We stock a comprehensive range of seed and fertilizer for cropping and for all  pasture requirements. We have a full range of Feed supplied by all the major suppliers for the Livestock industry, as well as a wide range of veterinary products. Added to these products we stock fencing, steel, plumbing, water tanks, protective clothing and basic spares and hardware. We also supply the poultry industry with live, day old chicks and point of lay pullets, together with the feed and poultry equipment.

Farmsave has a fleet of Mercedes trucks, used for both the procurement of stock for the business, and the delivery of stock to customers. The Company has several 34ton Actros super links, a number of 8 ton Atego’s, and 4 tonners. Furthermore, there is a fleet of bakkies and trailers for smaller loads. No load is too big or too small for personal delivery to the farm.

We also supply added value services to the farming community. We have specialists who are able to advise on farming methods and formulation of rations. We give training days to emerging farmers on animal husbandry, cropping, and rearing of chickens. We regularly attend farmers days, and contribute to training programs.


We strive to serve the community with all their farming needs. We aim to give an efficient service to our customers, and provide a wide range of products at competitive prices.